Get Started with Rapid2D

Installing Rapid2D

Installation is very simple.

Download Rapid2D release archive, extract zip to a folder which path only contain English characters and no space.

Then you are done with Installation.

Development environment requirements

Run Test Case

When you encounter do not understand a function’s usage, the first reaction you should take a look at Test Case. The project of test case is under directory Rapid2D/samples/test. Let’s take a look at the project’s directory structure:

Because I directly provide a complete xcode and vs project, running win32, iOS or Mac program is very simple. Running Android program is a bit more complex, it will be described separately.

Mac program running results as shown below:

Mac Test case

What now?

Test case make you had a basic understanding of engine. More information of engine can be found at Docs page.

Get Help

You can join Rapid2D forum and ask your question there.